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As children our passions are intense. We dedicate every moment to what we like best. Be it music, games, or sport. I’ve always loved creating fresh and colourful desserts. From a young age, I learned to judge the quality of ingredients and how to mix them to create new, delicious flavours. Already as a boy I discovered that this passion had become part of me. I wanted to make it grow, shape it, make it into something wonderful. Just like you would with a cake. So I worked every day, learning from the best teachers. These days, my passion is no longer all mine. I share it with all my collaborators.

At Dolcefreddo Moralberti we bring the best in traditional Italian patisserie to the international restaurant business. Our desserts are created from old and original recipes, which we continually improve to create new shapes, sensations and flavours. We only choose raw materials from the best suppliers in the market. The high quality of our products is due to the skill and creativity of our confectioners, who we help innovating our methods and developing our patents. Safety accompanies all our processes. We guarantee our customers the highest standards in the selection and conservation of raw materials, in the production process, in packaging and in the distribution of each single product. We make a wide range of delicious desserts: from semifreddos to baked tarts and buffet cakes, not to mention our unmistakable mini portions.

Living out our passions, whatever they may be, makes us what we really are, It makes us different, unique. And when we find time to surrender ourselves even further, we’re able to reconnect with the innocence and strength we had as children.

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