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Clean energy

Cakes and Cakes from Renewable Energy
our Commitment to Sustainable High Pastry
Dolcefreddo Moralberti protects and Respects the Environment in which it lives and works. This is why, since 2013, we have been supporting internal projects to maximize the use of green energy in the production of our Haute Patisserie products.
The current photovoltaic system has produced since its activation more than 797,338 kwh, allowing us not to enter into the environment 518,270.00 kg/CO2.

STOP to the Palm Oil

Cakes and Sweets Without Palm Oil
our Ingenuity for a Sustainable Pastry
Dolcefreddo Moralberti since 2016 has started a plan of complete removal of palm oil from its cakes and desserts. This process has now reached 95% of production.

STOP Thickeners Derived from Pork

Cakes and Sweets Without Thickeners Derived from Pork
our Will to propose cakes and desserts Best in every aspect
Dolcefreddo Moralberti has not used pork thickeners in its cakes and desserts since 2015.

STOP to Alcohol

Cakes and Sweets Without Alcohol
because our products are for Everyone
Dolcefreddo Moralberti has not used alcohol in its cakes and desserts since 2015.

STOP the Azo Dyes

Cakes and Sweets without Azo Dyes
because Security comes First of All
Dolcefreddo Moralberti since 2014 no longer uses azo dyes in its cakes and desserts. It has been discovered that such dyes could cause intolerances and possible allergies especially in children. Today we use only natural dyes and strongly limiting their use.

STOP the Hydrogenated Vegetable Fats

Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat Free Cakes and Cakes
because Quality comes from Ingredients
Dolcefreddo Moralberti has not used hydrogenated vegetable fats in its cakes and desserts since 2013.

Selected and Verified Raw Materials

Cakes and Desserts made
with the best raw materials.
Dolcefreddo Moralberti has always carefully selected its raw materials. Raw Materials that must meet our High Quality Standards and Exceed our Careful and Meticulous Controls. This allows us to make cakes and cakes Beautiful, Good, Healthy and Safe.
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