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Certification Halal

Certification Halal

The HALAL certification guarantees to the faithful of Muslim religion the conformity of the product to religious precepts.

The H.a.l.a.l. certification certifies that the products comply with the ethical and hygienic sanitary standards of Islamic law and doctrine. A quality, supply chain and product certification that includes the procurement of raw materials, transformation processes, internal and storage logistics, internal and external transport, as well as methods and systems of financial supply and social responsibility.

In the food sector, the H.a.l.a.l. ensures that food is prepared according to Islamic rules and that companies comply with the following requirements:
- absence of non-compliant substances in raw materials, ingredients, additives, preservatives, dyes, flavors, technological aids and any other element that may come into contact with the product or its ingredients.
- non-contamination with illegal substances, separating the production lines over time and/or space.
- traceability of products, raw materials, ingredients, semi-finished products, areas and production lines, both inside and outside the company.
- Halal labeling and logo.
- targeted interventions in the company quality system specific for Halal production.
- periodic training of all staff concerned.

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