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Certification Haccp

Certification Haccp

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points - System of risk analysis and control of critical points) represents a set of procedures aimed at guaranteeing the healthiness of food, based on prevention rather than analysis of the finished product.

The HACCP system promotes the concept of prevention by analyzing the dangers of the production process, storage, transport, storage, sale and somministration to the consumer before they occur. The concept of customer satisfaction in this case is no longer sufficient, we speak of health and safety, aiming at the protection of public health.

Fundamental principles on which the HACCP system is based:
- Hazards identification and risk analysis;
- Identification of critical control points;
- Definition of critical limits;
- Definition of monitoring procedures;
- Definition and planning of corrective actions;
- Definition of verification procedures;
- Definition of registration procedures;

Everything foreseen and written is verified in the field to evaluate its correct and full functioning by the USL prevention services.

A fundamental part is to ensure that all food handlers have received the necessary training and/or training and/or that they are checked on food hygiene in relation to the type of activity.

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