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Tiramisu Family And Affection

Tiramisu Family and Affection

The Tiramisù made for Love.
Although Tiramisù is a sweet whose origin is not rooted in a distant past, but instead sees its birth only in a relatively recent historical period, it finds its genesis in ingredients and combinations that belong to a more ancient tradition of Treviso, of which Dolcefreddo Moralberti feels honored bearer. For the inhabitants of the Marca, in fact, in the components of the tiramisù is inscribed a memory intrinsically linked to the memories and the most dear affections. Reminiscences often linked to family, childhood, care and attention received and conveyed through the preparation and offering of food, as Giuseppe Maffioli wrote in a newspaper remained important in the history of Tiramisu, nutritious and restorative. From here, for Dolcefreddo Moralberti, the commitment to produce a genuine product faithful to that of their memories, but not only, also a vocation in wanting to experiment with new paths, such as the "Tiramisu with Berries", that maybe one day, for young people today, will cover, or will side by side, the same affective value that for many now covers the classic one.

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