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Tiramisu Of Treviso In The 1981 Magazine Vin Veneto

Tiramisu of Treviso in the 1981 magazine Vin Veneto

Giuseppe Maffioli, actor, writer and journalist can be considered the father certifier of the Treviso-based origin of Tiramisù. Maffioli, Bepo for his friends, in the quarterly magazine of wine and gastronomy "Vin Veneto" of 1981 (n.1 year VII), strictly historicizes the preparation of the dessert by locating it at the restaurant "Alle Beccherie" of Treviso. Here’s the excerpt from the magazine.

"It was born recently, just over two decades ago, a dessert in the city of Treviso, the 'Tiramesù', which was proposed for the first time in the restaurant 'Alle Beccherie' by a certain pastry chef named Loli Linguanotto who, by chance, came from recent work experience in Germany. The sweet and its name 'Tiramisù', as nutritious and restorative food, immediately became very popular and revived, with absolute fidelity or with some variation, not only in the restaurants of Treviso and province, but also throughout the great Veneto and beyond, throughout Italy. By itself it is basically a 'Zuppa Inglese with coffee', but it was not yet 'Tiramesù', and it must be admitted that the 'name' has its own prestigious importance."

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