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The Origin Of Tiramisù


The origin of Tiramisù

The Tiramisù has a controversial origin: many would like to claim the authorship, but its story is far from clear, let alone documented.
The Italian Dictionary 'Sabatini Coletti' traces the origin of the word to 1980, but references in encyclopaedias and dictionaries of 70s and 80s are missing. In fact, Tiramisù is a part of Italian tradition, and its recipe has been handed down in ways and with so many variations that its origin is wrapped in a blanket of thick fog.
In the journal "VinVeneto" of 1981, the wine and food expert Giuseppe Maffioli suggests the end of the 60s as the moment of first appearance of Tiramisù, and he identifies the restaurant "Alle Beccherie" in Treviso as the place.
The name may originate from "tiramesù", a dialectal word that in Italian turned into "tiramisù". It may have been inspired by its nutritional proprieties, although many naughtily tie it to an alleged aphrodisiac effect.
Undoubtedly Tiramisù rapidly spread in Veneto and the rest of Italy.

Source: wikipedia

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